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ReadMe shares reviews of books by Ugandan Authors and offers Writers a platform to practice their skill, with well-researched folklore as prompt.


Are you a creative writer? 

This time we are in Kaabong with the Dodoth!

Write a story set among the Dodoth, a sub-dialect of the Karimojong, in one of these five genres (Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Alternative History, Dystopia, and Magic Realism) in about 1000 words.

You will receive 200,000 UGX and have your story published in the Speculative Fiction magazine; Kiro Magazine #2.


For more about the Dodoth, go to;

Deadline is 31st May 2023

Your Books

Check out some reviews of books by Ugandan authors and “chats” with some of your favourite authors on their writing journey.

NEW; Review of The Chwezi Code, a novel by Nick Twinamatsiko


Kiro Magazine

We are so excited to present our very first issue of Kiro Magazine!

Find stories reimagined from the “Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru”, a Bunyoro folklore, from writers; Ema Babikwa, David Jr., Racheal Kobusingye, Collin Wambete, and John Ssuuna.

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Explore stories from the peoples of Uganda; their folklore, stories of their heroes, and some about the beasts that roamed or still roam the land…

Latest Article

The Legacy of Sun Ra and origins of Afrofuturism…

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Hosted Stories

For a quick read, check out some stories in the speculative fiction genre.


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